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 3% of the world population earns approximately 97% of all income.

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  •  3% of the world population earns approximately 97% of all income.


Financial Freedom is there for the taking………


Why is it that such an enormously high percentage of working adults around the world share just a sliver the pie?


Most of us have been conditioned to compare ourselves to the people around us. Unfortunately, that can cause us to want to fit in, to be average.


So, we view our lifestyle as being within a range of what’s comfortable and comparable to our friends, neighbours, parents and siblings.


Looking at your bank account of what you earned last year and then setting a goal to earn 5 or 10% more. Even though you may have to stretch a little to get there, it’s an amount you think can earn with a little effort.


The problem isn’t that you can’t meet that goal; it’s that you know or think you can!


See, you won’t get wealthy by inching your way there. You get there by going after big financial goals. Goals that excite you and make you feel good every time you think of them.


There are two kinds of income—active and passive.

Active income refers to income you receive from performing a service, such as working for a pay check.


Passive income is cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal effort for you to maintain it.


Most people (approximately 96%) think having a job is the most important thing they can do to create wealth.


This antiquated idea trips up more would be millionaires than almost anything else.


Getting a job and trading your time for money may seem like a good idea. However, when you recognise that time is your only non-renewable resource, you’ll see that it’s counterproductive.


Creating Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) will permit you to multiply your present income. An MSI is an idea that you are in harmony with.


There are countless ways to earn a million dollars. choose several that you love, like, want to do, that you have confidence in, and that reward you financially, psychically and emotionally.


Your mission is to become financially free by earning millions of dollars yearly from multiple sources of income.


This isn’t all or nothing. If your first attempt only generates a few hundred dollars a month, that’s a significant step in the right direction. It doesn’t mean that it’s all you can do or the best you can do—it’s just the first step.


Just create the picture in your mind of how you will live when you reach your income objective and understand that the creative process has begun.


Whether you feel comfortable with or believe that you can become financially free is not important at this point in the creative process. By constantly visualising that picture, it will eventually become a desire and provide the necessary motivation for you to discipline yourself in forming new habits.


And new habits will create new results.


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