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Hi My Name Is Barry Lynch & i am helping Small & Medium size Businesses, Corporate Clients to develop and achieve big results, changing the way you think and your beliefs/ behaviours creating a shift in your mindset in order to increase your results both personal and business.

I have been involved in the business world for over 30 years. I started off in as a young man selling business cards and printing products and then started buying and selling cars.


My first business at eighteen was in the carpet cleaning industry with an american franchisee Chem Dry, I extended the business to a second franchisee and quickly grew to a turnover of £500,000.


In around 1999 I sold the carpet cleaning business to get involved with the security industry, I bought into the franchisee organisation Dyno Group. I remember my first month turnover being £700 and questioned what was I doing.


I later built the business to over 1 million and became a franchiser with multiple franchisees through out Ireland. At this time I was not sure as to what I was doing or how I was doing it, I was infact an unconscious competent.


In that time i had negotiated major deals with large conglomerate organizations to include Centrica/British Gas and G4S. I am highly motivated and passionate about helping others succeed personally and in business.


Like most my success came at a price and found that I walked myself into big trouble with high court actions, revenue issues, relationship issues depression and the likes.


While I certainly went through difficult times I have now found a proven way to avoid the pitfalls. I am now able to help others avoid mistakes that can be avoidable.


I am now the MD of Paradigm Coaching and a Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant facilitating/ coaching the program Thinking Into Results. I have now being coaching businesses and franchisees for more that fifteen years.


If you are not happy with your current results I can show you a proved method to become Happy, Health And Wealthy.

New Book Launched

What They Don’t Tell You About Paradigms.

In this ground breaking book, Barry Lynch, the founder of Paradigm Reveals how Paradigms effect every aspect of your life and how you can change Your Paradigms to have anything you could ever want or wish for.


So why have I written a book about them?


I haven’t just written a book about paradigms; you could say that I’ve got the mug and tee shirt too! In other words, I have the term in my company name: Paradigm Coaching. The fact is that negative paradigms have a limiting effect and you need to be aware that they exist and that they are sitting right there, framing your mental attitude. On the plus side, paradigms can be swapped, modified, jettisoned, and this book will show you how to do that.


Why does it take more than one chapter? Well, to use a parallel that’s familiar to many of us, think of any other lifestyle change… Dieting for instance. A medical professional can tell you that “you need to eat less fat and exercise more”, but you’re unlikely to succeed permanently with a new regime unless it’s embedded bit by bit and tailored to your circumstances and needs.


Which is why so many yo-yo dieters only stop the harmful bouncing up and down when they take time to adopt an in-depth program with the support of either a virtual or face-to-face mentor.


Even an instruction as simple as “eat more fiber” requires an ‘F Plan’ book to be totally effective in the long-term. Think how many more pages such a book would require if fiber could be changed into something else at will! This book shows you not just what a paradigm is and how to incorporate it in your ‘mental diet’, but it shows you how you can change it.





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