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Attraction, like everything else in life, is energy.

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Are you attracting what you want in your life and business…….

It is energy flowing from one thing or person to another. That’s the power of attraction. Like when two people who are falling in love are slow dancing…

Their movement seems effortless as they sway in sync with the music.


You can feel the energy flowing between them. It pulls the couple to each other.

That’s the power of attraction. Getting this power working in your life, Our hopes, dreams, wishes and intentions are the forces that drive our growth and forward motion in life.


So, manifesting your best life starts with a desire to be, do or have more. When you’re hungry, you might want soup and salad or maybe a burger and fries. That’s a physical and emotional desire.


However, when it comes to attracting what you want in life, we’re talking about a spiritual desire— primal creative energy that is within you and me. These are deep desires that are the feeling force of life itself.


These desires come from your inner or higher self. Recognizing desires that come from that silent place within you is the key to manifesting the life you want.


Usually, when we want to manifest a cherished desire in our lives, our first instinct is to act on that impulse. Of course, action is necessary. However, it’s not the best place to start.


First, you should make sure you’ve found “your mark.” You see, we often ask the universe for things before we stop and think through what we really want. Then, we’re unhappy or disappointed when we get them.


Instead of rushing into action, spend time carefully examining and clarifying the image you have in your mind to make sure it’s spot-on with your desire.

Once you’re clear on what you want, use your will to hold that image on the screen of your mind.


Then, your intention can settle into the field of pure potentiality where all the laws of creation are ready to help manifest it. After you let the seed of intention rest in the silence of your inner self, then take action.


That will ensure that your actions will be supported and aligned with universal intelligence, not separate from it. Used correctly, attention is focusing inward to consciously direct the energy that is always flowing through you.


It’s so important to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.


The reason most desires do not manifest easily and quickly is that our mind doesn’t remain alert and focused on the emerging intention long enough to see it all the way through to its manifestation.


However, through meditation, visualisation and affirmation, our attention is able to nourish our desires from inception to fulfilment.


When you know how to achieve the symbols of success, such as luxury cars, impressive houses, and seven-figure bank accounts, you can do it over and over again.


Your success will be who you’ve become, learned and the new skills you have developed. They will never go away.


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