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Path To Agreement Program Overview.

Path to Agreement shows you that selling is not talking to people about a product or service. It’s not being pushy, aggressive, or competitive. It’s not one person winning and the other losing.

Professional selling is a win-win proposition. It’s leading a prospect down a path of agreement. It’s finding out something they want, mixing it with something you have and then giving it back to them.

Path to Agreement is an action-oriented course that explains four powerful concepts for building your business PROFESSIONAL, SELLING, MANAGEMENT, and PSYCHOLOGY.

As you gain a greater understanding of each of those four areas, it will become obvious that anyone can improve their sales ability by effectively executing these ideas particularly understanding the mind or psychology.

This course walks you through a tried and true process that allows you to earn any amount of money you really want. It teaches you how to . . .


  • Understand the mind and behavior in relation to sales.
  • Be your best regardless of outside circumstances.
  • Lead another person in a path of agreement.
  • Develop other people if you want to build a team.

Program Features

Program Features : Access

• How to keep your paradigm from controlling you while you’re communicating with your prospect.

• 6 powerful steps to incorporate into every sales presentation that will make you a highly effective salesperson.

• The only two reasons anyone will buy anything.

• What you must do to be able to truly evaluate what is of value or importance to your prospects.

• The one thing you must do to increase your productivity (it’s not what you think).

• A simple and effective way to go back and sell to a prospect who has the need and the means but didn’t buy the first time.

• A simple way to get the prospect interested in your idea.

• How to reassure your prospect so they don’t experience buyer’s remorse and become a client for life.

• One of the greatest problems in effective sales communications and how to overcome it.


If you truly want to become a top salesperson, you’re going to HAVE to do some studying, open your mind and listen to someone who is selling the way that you want to sell.

It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re a sales wonder or a non-wonder; you still have to pay the learning “price.” There’s simply no way around it.

The best part? You don’t have to take a course, wade through volumes of information, or listen to a two- or three-day program to get the results you want.

You can become one of the best salespeople that you’ve ever known and get anything you want by listening to a passionate three-hour webinar by a Master Salesman and studying his 28-page “path to sales” workbook.

Path to Agreement Course Price

$295 Lifetime Access

    • 1 Three-Hour Webinar
    • 1 Digital Path to Agreement Professional Selling Workbook

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