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Think To Get Rich (Working on the business not in the business)

Contents as follows for Think To Get Rich :

Step 1  Cracking The Mindset  

             How to create a success mindset 


Step 2  Personal & Business Wheel 

             Looking at where you are now and where you need to improve 


Step 3  Goals (What You Want)

             How to set and achieve Goals that excite you 


Step 4  Behaviours

             How to change your habits to get what you want in life and business 


Step 5  Business Plan

             Planning for your business for the future 


Step 6  Road Map

             Putting it all into place 


Step 7  Systems

             Automating your business to do less and earn more 


Step 8  Business Tracking System 1

             Tracking your income and costs made simple  


Step 9  Business Tracking System 2

             Tracking other aspects of your business 


Step 10 SOP’s

              Standard operating procedures allowing you to grow the business      

              with ease 


Step 11 KPI’’s

              Key Performance Indicators allowing you to make decisions on the 



Step 12 Marketing

              Promoting the business + Bonus of 101 Tips 


Step 13 Profit & Loss

              Keeping track of when you are making money or not   


Step 14 Wealth building 

              How to use your business to build wealth 


Step 15 Money

              How money affects people and your relationship with it. 


Step 16 Awareness

             How to become aware of how to get what you want in life and business 


Step 17 Business Growth Hacks

              Growth hacks for your business  


Step 18 Decisions

              How your decision making process effects, you and your business 


Step 19 A winner self image 

             How to create a self-image for the future


Step 20 Leadership & Staff

              How to be a leader in your industry.

              How to attract and retain staff for your business 


Step 21 Masterminds 

              How masterminds can help your success