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10 Self-Limiting beliefs that can hold you back…………


  1. I’m not smart enough
  2. I’m not educated enough
  3. I’m afraid to try new things and fail
  4. You need money to make money
  5. I’ve tried everything and nothing works
  6. I don’t deserve it
  7. I am not confident enough
  8. It’s selfish to want more
  9. I’m too old/ young for that
  10. I’m not worthy of love


Wherever you are in your life is a reflection of what you believe to be possible for you in this world. So if you’re not upgrading your beliefs to match your current and future goals, you’re going to remain stuck where you are.

We can change our beliefs.

Identify your negative belief, write down what you’d like to believe.

Create an affirmation such as “I am so happy and grateful now that ………” Repeat the affirmation frequently, getting emotionally-involved with the idea.

Then, when you find yourself old feeling, pause for a moment, and ask yourself:

What feeling do I actually want?

No one would say they want to feel scared or hopeless. Yet, because of there paradigm, they continue to inflict it over and over again.

With awareness and repeated effort, you can begin to phase out those feelings and that old belief.


Then affirm what you do want, “I am so happy and grateful now that……..is my divine right and I claim it now.”

Now take action to reinforce the belief.

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