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Living the Legacy fills a unique and enormous need in the personal development industry. It reveals the that Napoleon Hill wove throughout Think and Grow Rich—the book that is responsible for creating countless millionaires.

Living the Legacy makes your success far easier because it doesn’t just tell you what to do; it tells you how to do it.

Bob Proctor knows what it’s like to try everything yet achieve nothing. He used the Think and Grow Rick to earn his first millions; he has already trodden the path you need to follow.

The program is unlike any other personal development book or course for five important reasons: The information is not only life-changing, but it’s also entertaining and uniquely watchable so you will genuinely enjoy watching it—you’ll watch longer, more often and retain the information better.

Unlike any other success guru, Bob has been studying and living the principles of success presented in Think and Grow Rich every day since 1961

It dives deep into each of the 13 principles of Think and Grow Rich as no other resource has done before, and it expands on each one by adding Bob’s unique insights and experience over 57 years.

Living the Legacy is a high-quality, movie-style production that takes you on a journey through Think and Grow Rich like never before.

She impact of each individual phase in the Thinking into Results process is maximized via the power of repetition — the first and most important law of learning — which causes a fundamental alteration of the mental processes that create your results.

Through this targeted repetition, you will QUICKLY and AUTOMATICALLY form the habits that lead to long-term prosperity and abundance.

With each new goal you realize, you’ll find yourself aspiring to ever-higher levels of achievement and fulfillment. Your desire to be, do, and have more never should and never will diminish — and neither will the power of this system. With it, you will permanently possess the power to get ANYTHING you truly want, in any area of your life, for the rest of your life.

“Using the principles of this program, I have accomplished goals I wouldn’t have dreamed possible. Be prepared for a life-altering experience!”DAN VICK, BUSINESS OWNER

  • In-depth individual lessons focus intensively on a single essential element of the achievement process, with each lesson building upon the insights of the last.
  • Worksheets and activities challenge you to immediately apply what you learn, so you see and feel yourself changing, progressing, and moving closer to your goal in real time.
  • Dynamic DVDs viewed twice a day, morning and evening, motivate you and reinforce the lesson content at multiple levels of consciousness — a critical key to achieving change quickly and making it permanent.
  • Live coaching/consulting sessions, 60 minutes each week, give you the support, encouragement, answers, and expert guidance you need to keep moving forward on your journey to achievement.

Living the Legacy

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