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Success Is There For The Taking!

10 Self-Limiting beliefs that can hold you back………… I’m not smart enough I’m not educated enough I’m afraid to try new things and fail You need money to make money I’ve tried everything and nothing works I don’t deserve it I am not confident enough It’s selfish to want more I’m too old/ young for […]
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Why You Should Work ON Your Business Not In it…………..

10 GREAT REASONS WHY WORKING ON YOUR BUSINESS WORKS 📣 Let us assume. You work. A lot. And allot of things tend to get out of control rather rapidly. Work piles up on, your to-do list keeps getting longer, so much that it kind of controls your life, one way or another. Some tiny voices […]
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Can We Create Are Own Success

I believe we can………………… It is so often we make the devastating mistake of committing our lives and our time to empty activities with only small glimpses of satisfaction and fulfilment. If you want something more out of life, but aren’t sure what it is, seek the answers. If you’ve tried to make changes in […]
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What Is A Great Leader?

  🤔 So What Makes A Great Leader? There are so many, but here are just some…. 🚀 A great leader tends to be organised, disciplined, focused and determined in what they do. However, I believe the greatest leaders are those who have a combination of these skills plus additional characteristics: they must in control, […]
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Emotional Intelligence: A Path to Business Success

Emotional intelligence, often referred to as EQ, is a critical skill for success in the business world. It involves the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our emotions and those of others effectively. Emotional intelligence can greatly impact our interactions with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, and can play a crucial role in our overall business […]
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